List of technologies used

Laser cutting
Laser cutting

Laser cutting

TruLaser 3530

  • max. sheet dimensions 3000 x 1500 mm
  • max. sheet thickness 20 mm construction-grade steel
  • max. sheet thickness 12 mm high-quality steel (stainless)
  • max. sheet thickness 8 mm aluminum alloy
Laser cutting
Laser cutting

CNC Sheet Metal Machining Centre TRUMATIC 6000 L

  • a cutting edge modern technology which applies “combination processing using punching and laser machining”
  • max. sheet dimensions 1250 x 2500 mm, max. thickness 8 mm
CNC press brakes
CNC press brakes

CNC press brakes

Trumpf TruBend 5170 press brakes

  • press force 1700 kN
  • usable installation height of up to 650 mm
  • maximum bending length 4250 mm
  • bending length 3000

DARLEY EHP 50 CL hydraulic press brake

  • max. press force 500 kN
  • max. working length 1550 mm

DARLEY EHP 80 CL hydraulic press brake

  • max. press force 800 kN
  • max. working length 2550 mm
Trumf TruBend 5170

Hydraulický ohraňovací lis DARLEY EHP 80 CL

  • max. síla lisu 800 kN
  • max. pracovní délka 2550 mm


  • mechanical presses – 25 t -250 t
  • hydraulic presses – 2 x 300 t
  • tensile presses – 100 t
Material: steel, brass, stainless, aluminum
Grinding plant
Grinding plant


  • manual grinding on belt sanders, manual and mechanical polishing of mostly sheet metal (stainless) pressings and castings from zinc alloy
  • vibration deburring of zinc alloy castings.
  • vibration deburring (tumbling) of iron or zinc fittings
Material: steel, stainless, brass, aluminium, zinc alloy
Zinc pressure casting room

Zinc pressure casting

  • 1xCLT 100, 2xCLT 160, and 1xCLT 400 pressure casting machines.
  • max. casting weight 1.5 – 2.5 kg 
Coating room


  • manual powder coating in painting cabins.
  • max. dimensions: l x h x w  2000 x 850 x 750 mm
  • liquid coating is provided externally
  • quality of coated products/samples are inspected internally using thickness gages, plotters and adhesion measured using the cross-cut method according to ISO 2409
Galvanisation room
Galvanisation room


  • hot-dip zinc coating (blue zinc chromate) and nickel coating of iron fittings,
  • max. dimensions 1800 x 900 x 250 mm
  • hot-dip nickel and chrome coating of zinc castings
  • thermal diffusion zinc, nickel, and copper galvanized coating of iron or zinc castings
  • hot dip galvanized satin finishing of iron, zinc, or brass castings.
  • Line 1 hot-dip galvanization coating – Zn, Ni, blue chromate (Fe, brass) /baths 1900x100x300/
  • Suspension line – Cu, Ni, Cr (Zn-alloy, brass, copper)
  • Line 3 – Cu, Ni, Sat Ni /bathes 1200x600x300/
  • Line 4 drum casing – Cu, Ni (max 30 kg)

Tool room

  • DECKEL MAHO DMC 63 V vertical machining centre
  • ROBOFIL 310 wire cutting machine
  • ROBOFORM 40 EDM die sinker
  • 3D measuring instrument
  • classic milling, lathe-work, drilling on coordinate-boring machine, flat and round grinding
  • heat treating (quenching in chamber furnaces, induction hardening, tempering, annealing)
  • Abrasive blasting – cast iron grit, sand
Tool room
Tool room
Tool room


  • 131 MIG welding consumable electrode in inert gas
  • 135 MAG welding consumable electrode in active gas
  • 141 WIG welding tungsten electrode in inert gas
  • 21 spot welding


  • Other processes - sawing, shearing, pressing, drawing, drilling, screwing, riveting, clinching, degreasing, assembly, packaging, marking and expediting 


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